2019/07/24 – VMC property with Kory

Finally got the Cota (trials bike) out. Got the hitch carrier two days ago, insured the van yesterday. (Had the bike running a couple days back, and worked on the left fork seal … recently. New seals showed up today, but the 35mm film “clean out” seems to have worked).

Anyhow, it seems the bike (Montesa Cota 314r) will do what I wanted. I want to learn to ride over logs and stuff that doesn’t fit under the 12″ of DRZ clearance. The guys on trials bikes can do things like ride up 4′ vertical faces… like those green BC hydro transformers. I don’t need four feet, but I’d like to be able to stay closer to James and Devin when they’re going over bigger (18 to 24″) logs.

Not sure what to think of the bike when trying to “ride at speed”, it’s so light (and you are forced to stand) that it feels strange on a corner with a loose surface. It will drift on a bit on a gravel parking lot, but on a corner with mixed rock… it seems awkward / sketchy.

That reminds me. It’s NOT what I expected of a two stroke. There’s almost no powerband, and it’s got great low end grunt … compared to what I expected. Which is good, because shifting on a trials bike is awkward, so you tend to avoid it. (You can’t reach the shift lever without taking your foot way off the footpeg.)

But it should be the platform to learn wheelies, and pivot turns, and a slew of other things that are NOT easy to learn on a DRZ with a big tank and street gears.

Unfortunately, I did run out of gas… as I didn’t have two stroke oil, and started riding with a “mostly full” tank before the others showed up. My bad, which made everyone else jump to compensate :(.