2019/09/01 – Tansky with James U. and Dean

A good solid / long ride out at Tansky.

A later start that I would have preferred. I had hoped to get there a good bit ahead of the 11am rendezvous, but was only about 10 minutes early (so errands got postponed). And I’d forgotten it takes J & D about 30 minutes to unload, so I might still have had time for those errands.

Anyhow, it was a solid ride through some of the easier tracks at Tansky. I’m not sure I would have wanted to ride the “#4 extension” the other direction. And FM has a harder bit at the bottom go up (as we did), but otherwise I don’t think / remember anything in this loop that would give intermediate dual-sport riders on DRZ type bikes any real trouble.

No stills, I do have a little video.

p.s. Andy had left the pipe sections for stabilizing the scaffolding on candy cane lane “in the area”. I moved them up onto the trail (balancing them on the front of the seat, damn they were heavy), and installed a few. It was past 4 pm and I was pretty tired. A little more work out at and past the bridge could/should be done.

p.p.s. I had wanted to run up North Main and do some scouting for a ride Chris was thinking about (next weekend, I’m not likely to be here). Possibly running down W100, which I haven’t done. He wanted to make a loop out of the JDF ridge trail, which would be very cool if it works… but my quick glance at the west end suggested the gate was non trivial (I’d love to be wrong).