2019/10 Moab Day 3 (Gemini Bridges, Shafer Trail, and exploring off Long Canyon)

The video covers the little exploring James, Tanner and I did.

It also points out that “Sand” was the word of the day. Sand also did me in on the last day, but otherwise didn’t give me much grief. I did learn that the bike really wants to be doing at least 30 km/hr to have any real semblance of stability, 40 is better. I can’t really say I’d ever ridden sand before coming down here, and didn’t really get a chance to play in it. The only real opportunity was where I got stuck, which is when we lost Tanner. We did hit some opportunities riding back from the Loose Screw event, but loaded bikes and sand don’t mix.

Downs and breakages. The video shows me tearing my pressure suit. The “yes it is hot” dialog was a rest stop because Tanner missed a step-up and planted his front wheel into the face of the step instead of on top of it (and apparently sacked himself as a consequence). Neil’s Husky was out waiting for parts. Tanner rode the later part of the day with his footpeg held in with a Heli-coil. James got a rear flat one day, but I don’t think it was this early.

The DRZ’s really did fare pretty well, especially considering how much harder they were ridden than the other bikes. I washed out a deep sand corner on the last day and may have hit a buried log with the tank when I dropped the bike. It dislodged the vacuum line for the fuel petcock (which I did not notice), and seems to have cracked the radiator. That was up on Poison Spider trail, which made getting the bike out an adventure. But between that and James’ flat, the DRZ’s were trouble free.

Scott’s AT seemed to run fine. Or perhaps “as well as could be expected” would be more accurate. It really was a big bike, and there were days where it was out of place (next day). Marc’s bike was probably leaking fluid from the slave cylinder, but once he learned to carry spare fluid, that wasn’t much of an issue. Chris’ 350 EXC seemed to run fine once he knocked the license plate holder off of it (not sure how). Matt’s 500 EXC was fine. Tanner’s KLR was fine other than the footpeg. Steph’s 250L suffered a major subframe failure, they made-do for the last ride.