2019/11/02-03 Sunset Dash (2nd annual)

A return to Heather Mtn for some more sunset shots.

I’ll try to get the video edited, I did put a very short edit of the timelapse footage together… but it’s that kind of shot where you can just sit there and watch the raw footage out of the camera.

The sunset dash is really meant to be about pictures, and wow, I got pictures.

The ride had some cool bits. Up the Renfrew side of the loop, up Gordon River main to Bugaboo, up that to McClure and a brief stop at the lake. Running NE to Caycuse we decided we probably should skip Granite main (always a good ride), and instead run up Caycuse to South shore main, and around the NW end of the lake and back down North shore to the turn-off (little shaw rec site). Next day we found a loop that ran N to Nitinat main, where we found ourselves behind the 4km gate (not too hard to escape). We came out the normal way and crossed our path going to Youbou for coffee and to see if some LIRC riders were going to meet us. We gave up on them and doubled back to Widow Main (first main to the N of Youbou). That took us to Sherk lake, then Franklin and Chemainus main. A side road took into the Hill 60/Prevost area. We came out on the highway and ran for home.

McClure… water on right is just a puddle on the road.
Late season sunsets from Heather Mtn, always stunning.
This is/was on Chemainus main… 40 something km mark?

No idea when I’ll get the rest of the video edited. I am seriously backlogged. Then again, I’m not updating this blog as actively as I should either.