2019/11/24 – Oliphant with a bunch of DRZs.

Six in fact. Six DRZ’s, a DR-350 (the predecessor bike), and a WR-250R.

Chris took us up to see a hang-glider launch site that most/many of us did not know about. That included a chunk of new ATV trail I hadn’t seen before. I tried to connect some of the old single track runs, but there is so much new falling that my routes weren’t working out all that well.

Anyhow, a good day!

Colin, myself, Devin, Chris, Brendan, James, and Gerry. Rob T not shown as he’s taking the picture.

I missed last weekend, as apparently the float valve in the Mikuni is leaking, and I had it on Alex’s bike for a week or two with the manual petcock… which I must have left on. Anyhow, I suffered the classic “will not idle hot” symptom and had about 2.1 liters of mixed oil/gas in the crankcase. My main bike is still down from the broken subframe maintenance, as the linkage bearings only showed up today (sunday!?).