2019/12/29 – West Shawnigan with Kory, James, Devin and co.

A great ride, mostly single track, long. Started out with Paul leading, and ended with Devin leading. Seven riders (Kyle and Tonow being the other two).

I can’t say my cardio is currently great, but I do ride enough that I felt like I lasted better than many of the other riders. I started as one of the weaker riders, and played it fairly cautious… so many/most of the other riders picked up their bike more often than I did… and as a consequence I wasn’t dragging my arse at the end of the day.

That said, it wasn’t a fun ride home in the dark and wet. Chris and Jordan and I were faster on the frozen road than our exit was. Visibility sucked… which reminds me I need to clean my helmet. There are pix and video, will try to find a moment to add/edit them.