2019/03/24 – Tansky (solo)

I was back out at Tansky clearing with Andy, but it was a short day, so I got some good riding/exploring in.

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2019/03/09 & 10 – Tansky

Worked the Saturday with Andy and others. Came back on the Sunday with James and our DRZs. Did not get far into the trails. Rode the “loop” up Lars Legacy and back down, but had to do it from both sides as there was a big tree down, and enough snow at the top that just staying on the trail was hard.

2019/03/03 – West Sooke again

Six of us at the start, but the group fractured early. I took Grant, Mark, and Robin down the track that James and I rode the week before… but we didn’t get to finish it, and even the “abort to nearest exit” didn’t come out all that well. (Dean and James split off, not sure if they have been heard from since !? :)