2019/12/29 – West Shawnigan with Kory, James, Devin and co.

A great ride, mostly single track, long. Started out with Paul leading, and ended with Devin leading. Seven riders (Kyle and Tonow being the other two).

I can’t say my cardio is currently great, but I do ride enough that I felt like I lasted better than many of the other riders. I started as one of the weaker riders, and played it fairly cautious… so many/most of the other riders picked up their bike more often than I did… and as a consequence I wasn’t dragging my arse at the end of the day.

There are pix and video, will try to find a moment to add/edit them.

2019/12/01 – West Shawnigan with Chris and co.

Another quick ride up in the Shawnigan area. Touched on the ITSC area and ran north.

Big event was dropping the bike on Kapoor, hitting the gearshift and popping the circlip, which resulted in the shift lever shaft not engaging with the shift drum. End of day for me. If I’d had X-ray vision, we could have fixed it on the trail. Limped home in 2nd or 3rd gear. It hasn’t been a good few months for me mechanically :( .