2020/01/14 update

No entries for a bit :(

I missed the new years ride due to some bike trouble. I _thought_ it was another case of oil in the gas, but my current guess is dirt in the carb, most likely the pilot jet passages. I thought an oil change had fixed it, so I also missed the next ride with James (5th). But I did take the trials bike out to VMC on both the 5th and 12th.

Spent a little time trying to work on wheelies. Can’t really say I’m getting much better. Should get back on the mountain bike too.

I still haven’t ripped the carb out of the bike, as I’m waiting on a new float valve and seat, which should arrive shortly. I don’t believe that’s the problem, but pulling the carb out of the DRZ isn’t much fun, so I’d rather not do it twice (and it’s an old carb with a manual petcock, so maintaining the float valve is probably a good idea).

(Snow on the ground here!)

[edit: looks like it was me screwing up and getting the o-ring and washer backwards on the air-fuel (idle) mixture screw. The inability to adjust the mixture, combined with the small pilot meant the idle circuit was basically not working.]