2020/01/26 – East Shawnigan with Chris, Rob, Jamie

A good day’s riding. Probably the longest break I’ve ever had from dual-sport riding.

The bike wouldn’t run right for the new-years’ day ride, and I mis-diagnosed the cause, so missed the following weekend. Between bad weather, working hard on my business, and still having parts in transit … I did not get to ripping the carb apart until recently. I did put in a pair of rides on the trials bike, but my body is telling me that is a different form of exercise (mid back muscles, down the sides of the spine).

There were some mechanical issues. Chris managed to take a hit that dented his header and crushed the coolant hose just above the water pump… which caused a leak. It’s an easy enough fix, just cut the end of the hose off, and clamp it back on (with a little less bend in it). Jamie’s bike decided it wouldn’t start. I thought he said it stalled coming out of a puddle, which may or not be relevant. It wouldn’t start despite having both electric and kick-start, and it sounded like the electric starter motor was turning when he tried to kick-start it (and it wouldn’t spin very fast). We tried bump starting it, and bumping it both forwards and backwards to try to release the sprag clutch (if that’s where the issue is)… but no luck. It’s a 2010 Husqvarna TE-250 … should be a neat little bike once he gets it sorted out.

The weather forecast was for OK weather in the AM, and periods of rain starting at noon… well the change didn’t happen, so we got a great day in.

Right, the carb. I believe the key issue was that I got the washer and o-ring in backwards on the air-fuel (idle) mixture screw. I did change out the float valve and float valve seat, but they were probably fine. I’d still like to replace the slide plate and the needle jet (and yes, possibly even the needle too).

#13 getting a blood transfusion, fortunately we had the yellow vested medic on hand.
One of the tasks for the day was to get a “blue sky” shot, this is as close as we got.