2020/02/02 – Trials again.

Got out on the trials bike again. Wanted to work on wheelies.

Just an aside. I almost didn’t go, the forecast was for high probability of light showers starting at 3pm. Left around 4:30 with no sign of them.

I’m choked (polite version) that I filmed myself working on a step up, only to find out that I’d left the spare action camera set for time-lapse, so it’s just a sequence of stills, like the one used here for the featured picture.

Bike notes:

  • kill switch isn’t working.
  • I sometimes have a heck of a time starting it (flooded?), bump started it twice today
  • rear brake. It’s not particularly effective, the pedal position doesn’t help (tucked in too close), probably should be cleaned, and possibly pads replaced. Then again, it’s a tiny rear rotor, what can/should I be expecting.?
  • risers? For whatever reason, my left SI joint is borked after riding today. I did focus on technical stuff, but I’ve always felt that the trials bike never really fit. Going downhill on it has always required a lot of muscle to maintain the “body bend”. I can really only do an hour or so on the trials bike, and then my back is usually shot. It’s not as bad if I’m “riding”, but I really did spend most of today working on techniques, and even with a good break after the first hour… I probably only go 90 minutes in and I am hurting. For contrast, a long day on the DRZ with it’s hi rise & sweep bars may leave me exhausted, but not in pain.

Technique notes:

  • commit with your body. Using your arms to pull the front wheel up works for logs (etc), but not wheelies. You need to lean back if you’re going to keep that wheel up!
  • 2nd is probably better than 1st, you run out of 1st pretty damn quick.
  • (cover the brake. Practice covering the brake, maybe even start with the brake slightly on?)

I did have some small wheelie successes today. I’m certainly not going backwards. A flat space with a lifter might actually be better than a hill. Even jumping logs and just focusing on keeping the nose up isn’t bad.