2020-04-11, Oliphant — Added TB3 loop

Ran back up to Oliphant. Should have done this with someone else. Talking would have slowed me down, instead of just pretending to be 20 again for a couple hours. TB2 was pretty easy, not much ground cover to move. This one was MUCH harder. Made heavy use of the hatchet. Also cleared some broom on the single track

The intention was (and still is) to make this an extension to the loop, but currently it works best if you run it in combination with TB2 as a figure 8.

TB3 is pretty technical. The intention was to ride down it, and come out on the old trail TO the loop. You can run it backward, but it’s no easier than the main climb, and there is one nasty bit where you need to dog leg (zig-zag) through a steep bit that doesn’t really have any room for the turning. Coming down you can pick any line, going up you’ve got to weave through the rocks.

TB2 had one hard step up, but I threw a log in it and scraped off a bunch of the moss… it seems relatively simple now.