2020/05/18 Scouting Lake Cowichan to Nanaimo

This was a great (long) day out. I can’t remember the last time I just loaded up and went riding somewhere new without much more than a couple waypoints.

The little bit of the power-line track I rode was very nice. Of course, I did find some tracks that were very much “not nice”. There was one gate on the part of the powerline track that I wanted to follow. It had a bypass, but it wasn’t very big bike friendly. In fact, much of this ride was that way (like normal). 99% easy with a few (usually manmade) problem spots. Access from Nanaimo for big bikes is still on the “to find” list. There’s lots of holes where little bikes (and quads) are clearly going in and out.

Devin and I rode Bush Main last year with camping gear, and that struck me as even more technical than I remember. I was going down it this time without gear, but there are some steep sections that are basically rock gardens. Lots of those around the natural gas storage plant too.

I think I’ll stop here. I’d already worked my way through a washout farther down, but this one required more than moving some rocks around. I did clean out the culvert.
Up above Meade Creek, Lake Cowichan in background.
Chemainus river, just upstream from where Meade Main crosses.

Lots of video… who knows if I’ll get to editing it. There was a tire change, and me getting caught in a bit of a thunderstorm/shower because I was stopped and the weather caught up.