2020/05/23 – Mt Wymper and some more scouting with Rob

Rob expressed an interest in joining the next scouting trip, and there certainly was “things left to see”… most notably Mt Wymper. (lots of pix!)

I’m glad he came, I wouldn’t have gone to the summit without company. In fact, I thought the snow was going to be more of a challenge than it was. It was his idea to “try it”. There were a couple other places were gentle “prods” from him made things happen.

We checked out the base of Meade Main on the way by. I’d been led to believe that the road was open by a group of quad riders. Unfortunately there is a locked gate. It probably would not be hard to by-pass, but it makes last weeks mis-navigation look at lot more attractive. (I had a waypoint set in the GPS and it took me through some non-existent connections! But the results were beautiful, and I wouldn’t have found them otherwise. There were also ATV tracks I probably should have followed, which might have led to an even better entrance.)

(Blah, I need to hit publish to get something in as a place holder. Haven’t looked at the video, but lots of good pix!)

Here’s a couple pix Rob took.

And some of my pix…

Lots of dead ends… e.g. roads either overgrown, or blocked by snow
Pano from a little farther up the road than the trail head.
Parts of this are pretty steep. We might have been off track here. There’s one part of the scramble where you need to cut right and go through the underbrush.
Snow, lots of snow.
amazing view!
Pano of the general view to the north.
And I like this saddle enough to show it separately.
Rob, taking a break at the summit. (view to the NW)
This is a cool “full photo sphere”, but you need the right viewer to see it.
Basically the end of the day. Just a few km from the Hillcrest exit. A “nothing” picture except for the fact that I finally got to ride that trail on the far side of the river.