2020/06/07 – Scouting with Chris, Comox Lake for …

I’d been putting this off because I wanted two days, but the weather hasn’t been good for an overnight trip. It still wasn’t, nor was there time to wait for it to improve. Chris volunteered to ride with me, so we did (most of) it in a single 13 hr 500+km day.

Route was a straight blast up the highway to Whiskey Creek, ran through there into Coombs and on to Port Alberni. Up Beaver Valley to Comox Main and up there to Comox Lake. Chris wanted to explore something more than “main lines”, so we took the right where most folks would turn left and go along the north side of the lake. That’s a fairly technical climb… not something I’d recommend that anyone on a DRZ do solo. I don’t think Chris had to help me anywhere, but there was a lot of places where it was getting close. Anyhow, that took us up to Trent Main. The gate to cumberland was locked, and the (ATV) bypass full of deep muddy water (and surrounded by mud). So we ended up just running down Trent and with a little looking around, came out on the highway. The rain had caught up to us at the top of the climb up from Comox Lake, and we never really did escape it. (And I was much too slow about stopping to put on the wet gear.) It was highway home from there, with a quick stop for coffee and a bowl of chowder (in Bowser Bay?).

I have video, not sure if I’ll get to editing it.