2020/06/12-14 Tahsis with Scott and others

Ten bikes, two nights and a couple of long days. A quick run up to Tahsis to visit David Wills.

Left Friday afternoon, first night at the Nixon Creek rec site on Lake Cowichan. Next day was gravel (with an interesting side track led by Chris and Colin) to Port Alberni, then up Beaver Valley and over the north side of Comox Lake to Cumberland. Another detour around the guard blocking the south end of Duncan Bay main, and then up Duncan Bay to Campbell River. (We should have just run the highway to Strathcona Parkway.) Highway out to Gold River and then gravel (only road) to Tahsis.

The slide on Kapoor, seen from across the valley.
Fetching firewood
Looking across the lake from Nixon Creek. We were trying to figure out which of these was Heather Mountain… turns out it is much further down the lake (to the left).
Google earth rendition of what we should have been looking at, with my sunset dash v2 track on it. (Heather)
Colin (?) sprinkled some “magic dust” on the fire… giving it some cool colors.
Pano from the west side of Comox Lake.
It seems the twins didn’t like the potholes on Duncan Bay main. We started with four of them. Mark took the highway from Cumberland, and Scott escaped the “blown/leaking fork seals”, but Colin and Tobias both had trouble with the right fork seal.
Richard, Scott (back), Adam, James, Tom, Steph, Tobias, Chris, Colin. Pic by Chris.
The Town of Tahsis, seen from the “tahsis lookout” … which appears to be a Telus repeater site.
For a change, it wasn’t me leading everyone down dead end tracks. It’s a pity, if this had still connected, it would have been a great route. (Pic by Scott?)
Our host, great guy and all round motorcycle nut :) (and probably my “most liked” pic on facebook yet :)
Closing shot at Chuck’s. We left Scott and Steph here, the rest of us ran for Victoria.