2020/07/03 – Hot Rods Transmission bearing kit TBK0090

So, I’ve been waiting two + weeks for the bottom end bearings so I can put the 400S back together. My impression is that it was not worth it. I would have been quite a bit better off to order name brand bearings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no metalurgist, but my “impressions” aren’t great.

These appear to all be “KBC” bearings, which is apparently some Korean Bearing Company (KBC?) owned by Shaeffer (german, they make good $$ bearings). The left side input shaft bearing is supposed to have a metal seal, at least it does from Suzuki … the hot rods one is just a rubber (RS) seal. Few of the bearings are even marked, and the chamfered edges are bordering on sharp. They just don’t feel good.

I haven’t been un-happy with the hotrods crankshaft bearings (K049), but the only bike I’ve put them in is Chris’ and AFAIK, he hasn’t run up many hours… but it looks like I should have a standing watch on e-bay for the part # and snap them up when they are cheap. As for the transmission bearings, who knows, last time I got them from motion canada, that might have been the best answer, but they were slow and not cheap (although better than paying $20 shipping on each bearing through ebay).

So, it’s something like 5 or 6 hours solid work to go from waiting for bearings, to a closed up crankcase.
closed, letting the sealant cure overnight before I continue to mess with it.