2020/07/18 – Chris’s “exploring” ride (with Colin L, Luke, Rob T, Sean K).

Chris posted a ride plan that called for running up toward Lake Cowichan and exploring some of the peaks around there.

Unfortunately, Chris has a tendency to explore whatever is in front of him, and we didn’t get anywhere near Lake Cowichan. That normally wouldn’t be much of an issue, but some folks had worked out food and gas budgets based on that plan (so we doubled back to Shawnigan for food)… and of course the difficulty factor was way off because we were exploring instead of covering ground to get to the intended riding area. That messed up Colin L somewhat, he was planning to do the easy part of the ride and then split off.

Route went up the west side of the lake, and I’ve sort of come to the conclusion I’m going to avoid that area. It’s just not worth the potential trouble, easier to just run up the pavement… maybe cut in at McGee.

We lost Colin and Sean at the lunch stop. Route from there was pretty much planned as out to Todd mt, over the shoulder and across the river and up to SJA. Down that to Fleet, down Williams Creek Main to W Jordan, and either north or south from there.

In fact we split at W Jordan, with me running Luke back to Shawnigan so he could go back to Lake Cowichan, and Chris and Rob running south to Sooke. Chris and Rob had an interesting route out (up to the Valentine summit, back to Butler via Valentine Main, and out past a “SUV” trying to make its way through the Clark Rd bypass.