2020/08/19 Wednesday – Rossland to Sandon

This was a pretty short day, we were slow getting out of Rossland. Mike had directed us to to the Railway trail along Lower Arrow Lake as having multiple tunnels and trestles, but we joined onto it too close to Castlegar to see most of it. But what we did see was in good shape (smooth unlike the “whoops’d out” KVR).

I did take a few more pictures in that amazing house.

This is where I got sort of blown away. The door hinges (at least some of them) are artwork!

So we did finally get out of town. We slabbed it (25km or so) to an FSR that would intersect the Columbia and Western Rail trail, without adding too much mileage. That turned out to have been a mistake, we should have added more mileage and intersected the trail farther from Castlegar. As it was we skipped the tunnels and most of the trestles.

There’s a dam just upstream from Castlegar. Apparently it was built for flood control, and after construction a hydro plant was added.

The lock that allows boats and tugs with logs through. There is a sawmill a short ways downstream.

Probably the longest chunk of pavement (100km?) followed as we ran north through Slocan and along Slocan lake. We were heading for the ghost town of Sandon, which had been discussed at Mike’s place. We had a quick stop in New Denver to use the WiFi to check the fire reports. There were more than a few fires in the area and lots of helicopters flying buckets of water (and a water bomber or two). As pavement goes, that wasn’t a bad ride, and there were lots of other (street) bikes on the road.

Some of Sandon’s attractions.
Tom messing around with software… rectilinear projection…
Downtown Sandon. James getting the details for when things open the next morning (coffee at ten).
And another one of those horrible “It will have to do” campsites. This is just up the road from Sandon (east side).
Nice creek in the back yard.
This was a bit of an experiment. I brought the AA battery charger and a small (75W) inverter which I modified to plug into the battery charger connecter. Worked fine.
As normal, the good campsite shot is stolen from the next morning.