2020/08/23 Sunday – Day 2 (last day) in Invermere

The second day of riding in Invermere. We did collect and return a WANDR score sheet, but we did not find any waypoints. Instead we followed Trent’s instructions for collecting lots of great pictures.

The plan was to be on the bus shortly after getting back from riding, which meant we wanted most of the campsite packed up and ready to load. If we were trying to be competitive, this could have been an issue. You pick up your score sheet no earlier than 8 AM and have to turn it back in before 5 PM (or get a penalty based on how late you are)… and we were probably an hour late both mornings.

Even without glaciers, the views seemed better today. Perhaps it was simply that we weren’t competing and as such could be “eyes up” and stop for the better viewpoints.
This turned out to be a wrong turn (more accurately a lack of a turn, just before the bridge in that previous shot). This was the track to the head of the trail to the “Lake of the Hanging Glacier”. That was more “not looking carefully enough”. Trent’s directions were clear.
That’s “up” … like STEEP UP. Angle of repose steep. Rough country. This would be up Farnham FSR.
This is where most of the good stuff happened. The track we followed comes in from the right, and we rode clear on up to the toe of the glacer on the left of center. The Inukshuck and green lake are behind the tree on the right. I took this shot before we knew any of that, it’s the right hand frame in the pano below.
That peak in the center should be Black Diamond Mountain. Our glacier on the left, “The Cleaver” is out of view to the right.
Same but different.
(photo credit Mladen?)
(photo credit Richard?) Chuck, James, Dylan, Scott, Clay (L to R)
Yup, blue glacial snow. (photo credit James)
Steph coming up to check out the glacier

There’s some back story to Steph coming up on the glacier by herself. The group dynamics were a bit complicated. There was no real group leader, and communication could have been better. I often play sweep, and I did do my turns helping folks, including running back down from near the top of this track to tell the riders on the other side of the creek crossing that that they DID in fact want to cross the creek and climb the hill. In short, Steph and Derek got left behind for a while.

Keeping this one since I get in trouble for not being IN enough of the pictures. Tom, Mladen?, Dylan, James
Synthetic picture. The Inukshuk and lake were not quite visible like this, but close.

We pretty much bee-lined it back to the campsite from here. We loaded the bus, then took another quick trip to the beach for a quick swim before loading the bikes. Chuck drove the bus up to Radium where we met Clay and Derek for a good-bye dinner. Scott caught up to us here and drove through the night to Tsawassen. First ferry, and I was home in Victoria by about 10am.

That bus is a pretty good way of moving people. Eight days to get there and an easy overnight trip home. Thanks Scott, Steph, James, Peter and Susan, and all the other riders. Great trip!