2020/09/10 – been quiet !?

Yes/no. I’m still working on the August 13th to 24th trip write up.

As is sort of normal, I took a bit of time off of moto-stuff after that… a good 10 days or so … which did include “wrenching on the TrailBlazer” (transfer case motor was shot, which I figured out after pulling the whole case).

I’ve been face down in the 400SM since, my bike needs attention, but the SM bottom end was sitting on the table, and a more logical starting point.

My bike had some issues that reflect that while I’ve been wrenching lots, it was not on my bike. (By that token, the 400S is basically done and sold. The SM bottom end is done, new jug and piston are in … just wondering what I’m doing for valves and a head … which is a story in itself … I ordered new intake valves … not sure what I got.)

Anyhow, my bike is basically down (starter barely works and runs rough in 3rd).

I only JUST got to washing the dirt from 10 days riding off of it … but there’s enough stuff strewn across the carport that I’m not sure I want to start tearing another bike apart… and given that I seem to have a bottom end problem (3rd gear specific), it isn’t going to be a simple fix. I could swap head/piston jug to my spare bottom end as a quick fix (losing my ACT gears), and I’ll probably do that … but it’s still not a quick fix.