2020/09/18 – Rob’s Fall colors ride (on Rob’s old DR350)

A moderately long ride, past Mt Whymper…

Hill 60, Chemainus, right past Mt Whymper, Widow, a stop at the mulch pile, through Youbou to Lake Cowichan for gas & lunch. Fairservice. Tried to go up to Bear Creek but they appear to be upgrading the road and have covered it in trees (slash). Back down and along Skutz Falls main to the powerlines where we had a difficult climb… and during which Rob noticed he was leaking oil.

His skid plate had not yet arrived and he completely removed the oil-inspection port (?) from his right side inner clutch cover. Which is meant to check to see if the bike has enough oil to be safe to start … which means it wasn’t. JB weld to patch it, and I ran back to Lake Cowichan for some crappy co-op motor oil. That left the two Robs (Hayward and Termunde) and me to run out via Holt and head home. Chris, Devin, James, Luke and probably another bike continued the original plan.

Many thanks to Rob for lending me a bike. Sure felt odd to think that the DRZ was the successor to the DR-350, given that the 350 had six gears and a tach. It felt like it pulled pretty well, but it does like to rev higher than a stock DRZ (more like a DRZ with dirt cams). Then again, when I got back on my bike to ride home, it felt like a rock hard seat and rear shock, and a caged race horse that I didn’t dare let loose on the wet pavement.