2020/10/24-25 Heather (3rd sunset dash?)

Rob and Devin were headed toward Todd Mtn, so I was solo for this one. And given that I didn’t commit to going until mid-morning, it did end up being another dash.

COLD would be the one word summary. Most of the riding was at the higher elevations.


I trucked the bike up to Youbou as I don’t want to use that bottom end any more than I need to. That worked well, as I returned to the truck sunday morning and unloaded the camping gear, which gave me 5 or 6 hours of riding a light bike.

It turned out I had forgotten some items. Stove fuel, the mattress pad, and a sweatshirt. The stove usually only gets used for hot water (coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, etc)… I could have done that over a fire. Although getting a fire going wasn’t trivial. For the mattress pad, I cut a number of branch tips and stuffed those under the groundsheet. I also stuck a couple between the tent fly and the guide tarp I finally used (it’s too big!). For the sweatshirt, I simply did without, and it was a long cold night.

GPS and pix to come. Want at least a placeholder for now.

Lots of beautiful views up Shaw Main. And Little Shaw Main had some more, plus technical riding.

I was supposed to go see if I could reach Heather Lake, but North Shore FSR at 70+ km/hr was cold, so I turned off at Shaw instead of running all the way up to Nitinat main.

Finally loaded, 5 something PM, time to MOVE.
Got there with little time to spare. And to be honest I was struggling with trying to get a fire going when the sun actually set :(
Definitely a hard frost. Froze a 2L pop bottle pretty solid (and my apples). No idea what the temperature was. Bike said 1C around 10am when I left.
just up Shaw Main
End of the ridge track
End of Little Shaw Main… well, probably the new version of the road, the old road probably goes up the creek which now looks like a little used spur.
This was up said spur. It looks like someone has a their own 4×4 (or bike) track through here. A bunch of semi technical tracks.