2020/11/07-08 Heather again

Another run up toward Heather Mountain, with a quick run up to see what access to Heather Lake would be like (a fair hike, and take a machete or hatchet), and a hike to the Heather summit on the Sunday.

OK, so there is a pair of reference pictures here. If someone wanted to open up the trail to the lake, there are least these two creek crossings. The first is the creek in the bottom of the valley, the second with the culvert is worse, but seems to have less flow.

This is the “other” lake. The road goes right by it. It’s got some swampy grass areas. Pretty.
This is not Mt Hooper, but looks like it would be a fairly easy peak to reach. Either from where we are, or from where I was two weeks ago (up West Shaw). Edit: Definitely from West Shaw side (right edge of pic), only question is whether the open sections shown in satellite are grass or something else.
“Random” waterfall. Lousy shot.
Sun getting low. I froze last time (two weeks ago) I was here, so we camped part way down the hill.
HDR blend.
As usual, my clothes smell of bonfire :(
Part way through packing up in the morning.
Coffee nook.
For whatever reason, I managed to stay within shouting distance!
View to the N or NE, Heather lake in foreground, Arrowsmith way in the distance pretty much dead center.
View from the other side, Lake Cowichan on the left.