2020/11/23 – Had to put Holly down. (RIP, Aug 2008 – Nov 2020)

We got a good (extra) seven months, but she was “walking wounded” at the end. Open wounds in both shoulders and raw flesh on her right belly.

The vet made an early opening to my early email.

Her left shoulder had burst open the day before, adding to the right shoulder that did not seem to like having her sleep on a hard floor anymore. Given that things were not going to get better and we have a (less than) two year old in the house… it was time.

I did manage to make a good black/white image for the cricut vinyl cutter from the image below.
The basis of the above vinyl cutout.
The blue flames collar. This was “her”, the other one was a boring grey, May 2014
June 2013
2013/04/20 – Mick is still with us

There are way more pix of this boss/best-ever bitch.