2020/11/28 & 29 Oliphant x 2 and “snap”

Two shorter days of riding up near Oliphant lake.

Chris had grand plans for a big long Saturday ride. Since I hadn’t been out with him for a while, I got to play navigator. First stop was my “mx track” up by Oliphant. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get to it. Chris got spun off his line in the mud and had a bad fall that had him trying to spear a log with his hand. That resulted in a broken metacarpal.

Sunday was looking to be a lazy day, but James messaged me and I ended up going back up to Oliphant with him. I should be able to make something of our ride up the Mt Joffrey. Passed a few hunters today, hopefully we didn’t piss them off too much. I will be more relaxed when deer season is over.

Pictures from the Sunday.

While messing around in a new area (due to a new exit, thanks Chris), we encounter this slippery north face climb. And if you stand in the right spot, beautifully framed by those trees…
Is Mt Baker.
This is a big pano, click for bigger.
And a bit of a zoom into that same view. That center “nob” should be Mt Finlayson.