2020/12/12 – sun dash – via SJA with James

Vaguely this was supposed to be a ride with a bit of a hike to the Mt Demers summit/tower/helipad…

But the weather didn’t match the forecast, and I arrived at James’ place with a 90% frayed clutch cable, so we lost an hour swapping that out. We kept hoping we’d escape the low clouds and/or fog as we went up the malahat. The west generally looked more promising for blue sky than the east, so we headed out toward Mt Todd. (Thus the word game on “sunset dash” in the title.)

The ride ended up being across the shoulder of Mt Todd, down and across the San Juan river, up the other side and down SJA to Fleet. Across the San Juan again and out on the Sooke side via Williams Creek main, West Jordan, Butler, and Tugwell.

The backside of the ridge SJA runs down was covered in snow and beautiful. We also ran through some amazing lighting conditions on one of the spurs off Williams Creek main… but that appeared to just be a case of right place at the right time. We were on the edge of a thin cloud or fog bank, and as such the “god rays” coming through the trees were stunning. I have video of that, but not of the snow above SJA.

We ended up “running for home” because my headlight which had started the day as flickering off (99% on) had switched to flickering on (99% off). I did manage to fiddle with the main wiring harness on the pavement and get it back to mostly on… but I need to spend some more time looking at that. The problem is upstream of the high-beam indicator, which suggests it’s in the core wiring harness, possibly the starter switch, although I thought I’d lost that logic when I swapped to an older wiring harness. I’d gladly swap in a newer harness if I could find one at a reasonable price.