2020/06/30 – greasy fingers – +1 pivot works swingarm bearing kit – DRZ-400

Just wanted to make a note that the pivotworks bearing kit kicks the all-balls kit. It comes with a real thrust washer instead of just a teflon ring, and the shoulder washers are similar to Suzuki’s instead of the confusing big flat washer and spacer ring in the all-balls kit.

Oh, and I tried to cut one of the “collars” (inner race) down (on the lathe) to use as a bearing driver… not going to happen with HSS cutters. That’s HARD metal… despite the fact they always come out rusted all the heck. However, with either an old bearing or a bit of tube, the collar DOES make a good driver for getting the old bearings out (and LOTS of heat).

2020/06/21 – Pete’s Pond to Robertson

Rob and I were debating whether or not there was a connection between Stoltz Main and Robertson Main, consequently we made plans to go scouting…

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Societies change their minds faster than people do …

An article on CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/climate-stocks-investment-1.5348282

… raised some interesting points, the key one being the summary of the economist article, which is the title.


The gist is that some ideas/attitudes literally have to die out. Some ideas are so pervasive in your formative years that you just don’t loose/change them.

GPX tracks hard/medium/easy (Oliphant)

Colin, Chris and I were talking about having some “calibration” tracks, which folks could use for comparing track difficulties, and possibly testing themselves.

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