2020/06/30 – greasy fingers – +1 pivot works swingarm bearing kit – DRZ-400

Just wanted to make a note that the pivotworks bearing kit kicks the all-balls kit. It comes with a real thrust washer instead of just a teflon ring, and the shoulder washers are similar to Suzuki’s instead of the confusing big flat washer and spacer ring in the all-balls kit.

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2020/06/21 – Pete’s Pond to Robertson

Rob and I were debating whether or not there was a connection between Stoltz Main and Robertson Main, consequently we made plans to go scouting…

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Societies change their minds faster than people do …

An article on CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/climate-stocks-investment-1.5348282

… raised some interesting points, the key one being the summary of the economist article, which is the title.


The gist is that some ideas/attitudes literally have to die out. Some ideas are so pervasive in your formative years that you just don’t loose/change them.

GPX tracks hard/medium/easy (Oliphant)

Colin, Chris and I were talking about having some “calibration” tracks, which folks could use for comparing track difficulties, and possibly testing themselves.

Sorry, with the last OSM plugin, multiple tracks don’t seem to be working (Jan 2021), or maybe it’s just not in the FireFox version I have. It looks OK in Chrome.

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