2020/12/20 – Oliphant with James / oops

Plan was a short easy run through Oliphant.

Plan morphed a bit as always. James wanted to scout for a connection between the Skylar entrance and the Old Baldy trails. He’d been up that way with Taylor and it was expert only. The idea was to find an easier route.

Anyhow, a slip while scouting (with hatchet in hand) made for a cut finger and shortened the day a bit. We did re-visit the A frame, and watched the ravens playing on the way out.

So that’s twice in recent times that I’ve ridden back down the malahat with someone heading to VGH emergency. Although in this case, I think James figured it was doing well enough to skip getting a couple stitches. I’m hoping this isn’t an “in three’s” example :(

(I did have a minor incident with a table saw just before the next blog entry, let’s hope that was #3 of 3.)

2020/12/05 – Mt Todd with James and Rob

A low distance, relatively easy ride, which included both a short hike, and some trail work.