2021/01/17 – Ride with Chris (and Todd, and others) in West Sooke.

Chris brought a work friend of his out on a West Sooke ride. The “goal” was to get to the Matterhorn (surprisingly easy, they’ve re-opened that track).

I mention Todd because he went beyond the stereotypical newbie. He had a couple falls that could (should?) have been quite bad, but shook them off and had a blast. No question he got his adrenaline fix!

No shortage of purposely dug holes in the road. I didn’t take any stills, I did take some video… I even did some editing on it, but didn’t put the clips together.

We did run the back route from the Matterhorn to the Jacob’s Creek crossing and through Big Rock. First of Todds falls was on a deactivation on that back route. Second was a narrow spot on Big Rock. Both downhill falls. He did have lots of protective gear, which probably helped.

Rob T, Rob H, Colin B were there as well… four DRZs and two EXCs.