2021/08/22 – Return to Tansky

Chris organized a few guys to head back out to Tansky. Some good technical riding. The highlight was probably Greg and I running up “FM” to meet Colin and Chris who wanted to ride down it. Tansky is always technical, and I haven’t had a chance to ride like that for a long time — lots of rear wheel sliding through turns, lots of go big or go home, oh, and lots of yellow jackets too :(

Just goofing around while Colin and Greg went to find/retrieve Chris, who had gotten separated. (by Colin)
This was about as bad as it looks. A collapsed bridge on the west loop has now become a ditch a good 4 or 5 feet deep. The challenge was getting enough speed to get out… but I confess to not really thinking about the landing (getting my weight back forward) (by Greg).