2021-03-27 Rob/James Kapoor

Not sure if there was a goal for this ride. We were being fairly careful to try to avoid snow. Success in that regard. Got to James cloud-raker place, found a new track from the high-road that intercepts the Ka-hoor trail. The upper side was rideable, and looks like it is going to be a falling boundary. I’m totally undecided whether that is a good thing or not. It MIGHT survive, but it’s more likely to get completely trashed with blow-downs.

James cut out for Devin’s on the way back, Rob and I ran through to ISTC. I came out of a ditch with way too much height at one point. I was headed for the trees so bailed and took a fall.

2021/03/13 – Oliphant solo

I missed the main group and had a good solo outing up Oliphant way. Marked a new path/shortcut, cleared a bunch of ground around the MX track. Did some “ride by” video work.

Here’s the moto-x loop I talked about, this is the last and quickest lap I had. I suspect I was sitting for a good fraction of it as I was getting tired. Higher resolution version at : https://tbrown.ca/20210313-motox-loop.webm

2021/03/06 – death by snow snow

Certificate of completion officially noted for: Rob T (who asked for his), Alex H, Colin B, Colin K, Chris C, Me, and Todd E.

Route planning and Navigation FAILURE noted for Me. That pass went up to 725 meters. I found it and have run it many times, I should know it’s height, and that 700+ was likely to be “problematic”. I will note that I did stop when the jeep tracks disappeared, and that others rode past me. I wanted to continue, but I did think a discussion was appropriate.

(More scouting needs to be done, the logging co seems to be cutting off routes faster than normal. )

(That was the pass over the shoulder of Mt Muir, from Muir East to Butler.)