2022/04/09 – Oliphant on the EXC

Took the EXC back up to Oliphant (via the van).

Forecast was for mixed weather on Sat, and nice weather on Sunday. Decided to take the long ride with Rob on the nice day (see next post SNOW-verload), and take the EXC up to oliphant via the van on the mixed day.

Was a good day. I did get to run my Slash Mt tracks and time what I had hoped would be a 20 minute enduro loop. It’s not that long unless you include the new track to the Mt Wood summit, which I finally did ride (the EXC is confidence building). That new track is tight and steep. Unfortunately the video footage of it came out as timelapse, so I’ll have to redo that.

Dragged a log out at the bottom of the Mt Wood loop for log hopping practice. I need to work on getting my weight back and the nose up. Maybe change the lever setup so I can use the front brake better. Doesn’t help that the bike runs a bit rough in that “quick blast from idle” transition… oh, and don’t get me going about the auto-clutch, that’s gotta go.