2022/06/12 – Oliphant with Chris and Colin

More riding/work up on the endurance loop.

Rode the B loop. Did a little work. (Attacking broom without good loppers sucks and is not a good use of time.) Guided the guys through the B loop, and added more guiding logs/rocks where they went off track. Had a devil of a time getting Colin to understand what the colored markers were for.

(There are two places on the course where there are merge areas, in both cases if you come in from the right, you exit on the left, and vice versa. These are marked with the only colored signs (red and gold) which direct you to the matching colored exit sign at the split. Four red, and four gold signs in total.)

Chris managed to hook his rear wheel in a rock and break two spokes. So that was kind of the end of the plan for hard riding. I invited them to do the A loop, suggesting that it was all slow stuff and not likely to do the wheel any harm compared to riding out/home. Colin then proceeded to guide us through the second half of the B course to get us to the A/B split (2.5 km to go 500 meters).

The A track was in “not good shape” as expected. I haven’t run it for about six weeks, and it needed way more TLC even then. The B loop is looking pretty good.

Timed one B loop run at 10:34, didn’t time the second run.