2022/07/22-24 – Port Alberni – Summary

I’ve been “trying” to get away van-moto camping for quite a while. Suddenly on Thursday morning it seemed like I had enough of the TODO list done that I could skip out. The plan was to ride the hills west of Port Alberni, and thus the Arden Creek Recreation Site seemed like a good base camp.

Arden Creek turns out to be aproximately at the 22km mark on Canal Main, and that was a longer/slower chunk of gravel than I was expecting. Coming home it took 45 minutes to go from the rec site to the “leaving” side of Port Alberni. Of course it was way faster on the bike (what pothole?).

Day 1 was a mixed bag. West, then East, then North, then West (survival mode) again. Met JP at the Forestry Lookout.

Day 2 was Yellows Creek mine and up Pass Main onto the shoulder of Arrowsmith.

Day 3 was farther West… Hucuktlis Lake, then to Nahmint River/Lake/Rec site, then Snow Creek Rec site, and a little scouting on the way back.

Headed home on Monday due to some mild heat rash and logistics.