2022/07/24 – Port Alberni (west) – Day 3 – Hucuktlis etc.

For some reason, this was the “best day” in my books. That might be because I was getting tired and took a more relaxed approach, it might be because I stuck to more mainline roads, maybe it was the weather, which apparently triggered some heatrash. It might be the awesome Nahmint River pictures. In any case, it was time to run “farther west”.

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2022/07/22-24 – Port Alberni – Summary

I’ve been “trying” to get away van-moto camping for quite a while. Suddenly on Thursday morning it seemed like I had enough of the TODO list done that I could skip out. The plan was to ride the hills west of Port Alberni, and thus the Arden Creek Recreation Site seemed like a good base camp.

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