2022/10/28 – Oliphant with James, re-opened A loop

more “notes to self”. Butt just above the seat can allow you to put weight on the rear wheel (butt down) quickly, without having to do the pull on handle bars thing. Ride your own race. James talks about the battle of the egos… control your own ego, don’t fight everyone else’s. Just having Jammer follow me around was enough to push me past my pace, or otherwise stop me from finding my own flow.

Did some work clearing work on the A loop. Jammer cleared higher than I did … I haven’t been riding the forest part of that standing.

This was a friday, sunday forecast is for rain … unfortunately I missed the Sat ride with Rob, DRC folks and Taylor… I did spend some quality time with the puppy though (first off-leash session).

2022/10/18 – Oliphant

Quick run up to Oliphant, mostly to buy a used rear tire in Shawnigan, but I did some loop maintenance, and then ran three laps in just over 33 minutes (less if you credit me the seconds to stop and clear some logs). I thought I was taking it easy, but both my body and the stopwatch say I was NOT.