2022/06/18 – Valentine, TW40, J40, E10 connector, etc – with Rob T

A great ride . Plan was find a view for lunch, and check out the E11/E10 connection Andy J had pointed out. Bonus points for viewpoints, new “squiggles” on the map, verifying J40 was snow free, and for stretching our abilities a little.

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2022/06/05 – Oliphant

Missed last weekend, just about missed this one. Spent most of the time pulling/cutting alder and broom. Need to change the course where the pic was taken. Need to tweak the bike some more too.

2022/05/01 – Kapoor, Rob H and Shaun

Just a couple mid 50s guys playing on motorbikes, trying to stay young and more fit.

Not sure I have any pictures, I do have video. Kapoor area, a good ride. Had fun chasing Shaun out of Hank’s Highway, reasonably good footage of that. I was on the EXC.

2022/04/17 – more Endurance loop work.

I headed up with the intention of putting signage up. Even that turns out to be hard work. More clearing was also done. I purposely unloaded the bike (no clearing tools) and did one 24 minute run… which included about 2 minutes of obvious errors… so it’s not as long a loop as I’d like it to be :( …