2020/06/30 – greasy fingers – +1 pivot works swingarm bearing kit – DRZ-400

Just wanted to make a note that the pivotworks bearing kit kicks the all-balls kit. It comes with a real thrust washer instead of just a teflon ring, and the shoulder washers are similar to Suzuki’s instead of the confusing big flat washer and spacer ring in the all-balls kit.

Oh, and I tried to cut one of the “collars” (inner race) down (on the lathe) to use as a bearing driver… not going to happen with HSS cutters. That’s HARD metal… despite the fact they always come out rusted all the heck. However, with either an old bearing or a bit of tube, the collar DOES make a good driver for getting the old bearings out (and LOTS of heat).

2017/09/10 – Recovering from the interior ride (more greasy fingers)

Yeah, I haven’t written up the interior ride yet, partly because my head is wrapped up in fixing the bike. I lost the rear brake (master wouldn’t hold pressure), that was easily fixed by swapping in the master from the kick-start bike… but the motor is more of a problem…

Cylinder head, nearly ready for removal. (Starting to think I’ve seen this view entirely too often.)

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