2018/11/11 – Kapoor trails with Devon and James

This was mostly working on some new trails, but we did do some of Devon’s existing trail network. Also watch the remembrance day ceremony in Cobble Hill.

2018/11/04 – Rob, Dave, Dave, Shaun — Muir, Kirby, Muir, Tugwell Spur.

Rob was riding with some friends on the one day with good weather. I’d gotten the bike back together after some significant work (rings and valve seals). Let’s see if I get invited back :)

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May 19
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20181019-22 “Winter camping” … Two climbs with James and David

Weather forecast looked good, so I tried to stir up a camping ride. I got a little more than I bargained for.

I ended up with two shots that will go into my “Good” collection. This was the Friday night sunset from the 1000m level on the side of Heather Mountain.
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2018/10/13 – Oliphant with James and Mike

A great ride around Oliphant, great weather, great route, and good company.

View of Shawnigan Lake from Mt Baldy
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2018/10/10 – Mt Wood/Oliphant with Bob

Bob wanted to get out and ride some dirt. Said he’d dropped his bike while riding solo and didn’t think he should be doing that (while solo — he is seventy).

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2018/10/06 – Tugwell area with James and Mike

A “quick” ride with James and Mike in the Tugwell area (because we couldn’t get out of it).


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2018/09/29 – Long ride with Adam, James, and John

9:15 AM to 7:15 PM … whoops, (way) overdid it again.

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2018/09/21-24 – Stretched, but still usable (one comfort zone) – Onion Lake / Laluwissin / Medicine Creeks

James W invited Devon and I along to join some other riders up near Onion Lake, in the area where the Monkey Wrench race is held.

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