Clean vs Dirty bikes – paraphrasing Scott C.

Scott Collins made another interesting point at the weekend campfire(*).

I’m well known for pointing out “overly clean” bikes, but Scott made some very good points about bike cleaning. He described it as part of the maintenance ritual. Clean the bike when you get home before the dirt fully dries on, and while you’re at it, do your routine maintenance and safety inspection. His advice was more targeted at the high-performance sport bike world … but obviously applies everywhere.

I can make lots of excuses (tired, late, cold & wet, etc), but none of them invalidate his point, and the fact that mine was the only bike that needed to be trailored out emphasizes it.

There’s obviously a time-spent-cleaning/wrenching vs time-spent-riding balance, but I’ll certainly try to shift that balance point.

* Scott always make good points at any campfire, but I thought this one was worthy of being written down and remembered.