Kapoor Main / Shawnigan side Scouting. 2015/12/20

Christmas is about to descend on the home, and the forecast was for worse weather coming… if I was going to get out it needed to be today. I Went up to Shawnigan to see if I could get onto Kapoor Main. (I didn’t want to get there via the logging roads and then have to ride back through the logging roads.) Turns out to be trivial… at least from a navigation point of view. It rained, it snowed, there was riding on mud and snow, it was kinda ugly, and fun in warped way. I needed to stop in Shawnigan on the way back and warm up….

While heading North, I noticed a “bad” gate that I had passed by before. One can simply ride around it, allowing access to the off-road area inside the shawnigan/millbay/malahat area.

After that, I headed up the W side of the lake and out Renfrew Rd to Kapoor Main. I did the out/West-bound path staying on Kapoor Main, and the return path sticking to Renfrew (where they run parallel). The map has most of the comments on it. There’s a gate around km 6 (?) that apparently may get closed at some times of the year. No going around that, but possibly under? The intersection with W Jordan is around km 16. The last 4 km were on snow covered roads… not much fun on the “mostly street” tires I currently have. There is a gate on W Jordan, but it was open, and it’s a normal gate that one should be able to get under in a pinch.

Kapoor Main looked like it should be a wonderful ride in dry weather. It starts off paralleling the Koksilah river (and the BC Park is at the foot of the road). But that gate is a concern :(.

Bike in front of “start W Jordan ML” sign.

Not sure what creek this bridge actually spanned, but both the spurs I checked that crossed it had decommissioned bridges. This one shows bullet marks and the end of the road was covered in spent shotgun shells and more than a few bullet casings.

Bridge out.