Delivery – Take Dad’s boat (Tropic Isle) up to Nootka for Brian 2021/07/27 -> 31

So, I finally got a chance to go up the west coast with my Dad (good), and I even got to take the motorbike (good). Unfortunately we were delivering the boat because health issues have pushed him into selling it (bad), but it is staying in the family as a cousin bought it (good).

It wasn’t a “cruise”, I was still on pager duty, and we had a loose schedule to stick to.

Tuesday (First night) was just moving the boat out of the shallow part of Sooke harbor and out to Whiffen Spit so we could get an early start (with the ebb, and hopefully the morning calm) for the long first day up past Pacheena Pt.

I did say we were taking the motorbike right? So that was the first challenge.
Originally Dad had suggested we’d be able to use the boom to just pick it up and swing it on deck. I’m not sure why we didn’t try that, perhaps because it doesn’t have a nice convenient lifting bridle (e.g. it’s a damn awkward thing to lift). Anyhow, I borrowed a chunk of plank from somewhere and managed to get it up the plank onto the deck. Then basically lifted one end and then the other down into this lower section (cockpit) of the deck.
That done, we had a little 30 minute jaunt down to the spit at the harbour entrance.

Wednesday. Underway around 0615, long day. Easy going up to Pacheena/bamfield. Stabilizers in there until we got into the broken islands. Neat place. Then into Ucluelet to meet Innchanter/ Shawn and Karen 2000 ish. Whales, sea otter?

I also managed to beg an old 2×10 plank from Shawn, which should make getting the bike off the boat easier (loading ramp).

Sunrise coming in the cabin at 06:27.
Dad’s weather prediction (calm in the morning) proved correct.
It got “more interesting”. This was crossing from the shelter of the Broken Islands to Ucluelet Harbour (18:00).

Thursday. Slept in to 745. Foggy. Open water with a swell at 0930. Cleared 1130. Some neat passages. Ended day at Bacchante Bay around 1730. Zodiac up river mouth. I had quick swim. Visited neighbour sail boat. Pork chops at 2015. Lights out 2300. I can hear a waterfall, and there were some WEIRD bird calls. Looked like small brown loons, which yelled/screamed at each other until they were together.

Coming up on Sulphur Passage
Heading back out into Bachante Bay after checking out (and swimming in) the river.

Friday. Up 0630. Underway by 0700. Lots of otters! 0900 hots springs cove.
Omelettes for breakfast. Hesquiat harbour around 1300. Caught a black cod for dinner. Lots of video. Reasonably fog free (after 0930).

Leaving Bachante Bay
It’s a “nothing” picture, but I only kept two from this day. (I have video, but haven’t looked at it yet.)

Saturday. Up 0545, anchour up at six. Forecast is mixed, OK at Nootka, windy to south of us. Estevan reporting 15 knots. Light fog, steady five to ten gusting to 15-20. 0650 Just coming round into the slop. 1/4 mile vis. 0800 just turned northward off the SW tip of Estevan. Easy going with the stabilizers in. 0930, no wind, about two miles out of friendly cove. Very light slop.

Must have arrived at Friendly Cove shortly after 1000. Under way around 1430? Smooth running Around Bligh island. At lodge 1630? Trying to catch up on work at 1715.

Friendly Cove.
Busy here. Two float planes and some Coast Guard students practicing zodiac handling.
Short / easy run in sheltered waters from Friendly Cove to Nootka Wilderness Lodge. (Zodiac is being towed, Motorcycle cover is off.)
Nice sunset from Nootka Wilderness Lodge (we have arrived).

I have video, I haven’t looked at it yet. Not sure why I didn’t take any pictures of the lodge :(.