DRZ 400SM rebuild (RB bike)

So, back in October this bike showed up on used vic for what seemed like a steal of a price. It’s a DRZ SM, which in theory makes it a $5000+ bike in SM trim. Seller was asking $4000 (’05 with 43,000 km). After a couple weeks and tossing the idea of stripping the ADV parts off of it and “restoring” it to SM trim, I went and looked at it.

This motor had a mild knock to it. Mild enough I did ride it a few kilometers, just a subtle change in sound when you let the clutch load up a bit. On tear down it seems like the big end bearing in the crankshaft is bad, and one of the main (crankshaft) bearings is also on its way out. So, this bike will go back together with either a new cylinderworks cylinder, or a Suzuki cylinder I sent over to Mongoose for re-plating, a new piston, a new hot-rods crank, and basically all new bearings (crankshaft, balancer, input shaft, output shaft, and one side of the shift drum (all the ball-bearings, the needle bearings are hard to get out and aren’t part of the drive-train … e.g. shifter and clutch).

Yup, I wasn’t imagining things. Good to know I didn’t tear this bike/motor apart for no reason. AFAIK, that’s “usable” (with new rings), but not something I’d put in a bike I was selling for a premium price. Will be a new cylinder and piston kit when it goes back together.

That’s the bottom of the tear down. From here it is re-assembly.

Waiting on one bearing (6905, shift drum) and the new crankshaft. Plastics arrived today (March 15th).

(Edit, more pix from June:)

First day out. Quick jaunt around the neighbourhood. If I was doing it again, I might actually use the black and white plastics. More eye catching than all black. Either that, or I need to cut some vinyl (I still have LOTS of ideas).