Fallback. Powerlines by Kapoor and by Mt Wood. 2016/06/19

Fallback. I wanted to scout out more of that railway bed I was on during the Fleet 600 ride, but found the 6km gate on Kapoor Main closed. So I checked out some of the side trails off of Kapoor, as well as a little more of the power-line track up in the Mt Wood area.

On the first segment, the exit was pretty sketchy. I came out through an open gate onto a private “residents only” road. The second exit was under a pretty high gate on a fairly steep slope (so a fairly easy exit, but I wouldn’t want to enter there).

Both rides were pretty good. I was definitely pushing myself on the Mt Wood ride, once I got past the chunk where Tony and I turned off last week it did get somewhat harder… although I think you can use side roads to get around the worst of it. I have a fair amount of GoPro footage… no idea if I’ll do anything with it. I had the camera focused directly in front of the helmet, but apparently it needs to aim upward a little to keep the horizon in view… no one really cares what goes under the tires, but lacking a forward view is disconcerting.

First place I decided to turn-back.
which way to go?
View North over Kapoor / Kokisilah.
Same view, but from farther S.
View to the S, got to ride that.

There was one little nasty bit just out of the field of view on the above shot. It was a pretty bad washout. I would NOT choose to ride a road that had lots of spots like that, the rest of this chunk of power-line road was pretty easy.

End of the (power) line.

From there, the pix move to the power-lines in the Mt Wood area.

Looking N toward Mt Prevost. (Not the summit, but the top of the steep climb.)
Same place, different zoom. Looking N toward Mt Prevost.