Forebay and ?? 2016/01/03

This was a Good Day. Not the day I planned, but then I didn’t really plan it. I knew I wanted to ride, that was “the plan”.I rode the Forebay Rd (Jordan East) and a new section of roads quite a bit farther toward Port Renfrew.

I wanted to tell Davi where I was going, so dug out the mapbook when I stopped for gas in Sooke, and told (texted) her I was going to go up Forby Road… Well, the mapbook shows Forby, the signs said Forebay when I got there. Good riding there. Got blocked by the snow… much as expected. Looks like there is a loop through the E10/12/11 roads that should be nice when it is dry. The straightline section was a nice little hillclimb following the powerlines… but I stopped when I got to the scary no tresspassing sign. Scouted all the routes I could ride and stopped and talked to some dirt-bikers by their fire for a few minutes (Kev and ?)… then headed out for North main. But I didn’t bother to check my maps… and got confused between the Jordan Main and North Main (which share a common road to the highway). Went down to the highway and headed out West looking for North main (oops). Did find some new roads that aren’t in OSM … and then went all the way down to the “loss creek” valley (?). Was cold and frosty in there, may have got some ok pix. But it was dark by then and I knew I’d botched my navigating. Part of my error was that the GPS had a route I wanted to check-out on North Main, but the darned GPS continued to steer me out toward port renfrew..

Oh yes, and I had my fist real scary¬† “Sorry Mate, I did not see you” (SMIDNSY) close call. Riding straight down Sooke Rd and a guy at a (rolling) stop sign on my right pulled a left in front of me. Barely got around his arse end… rear tire was sliding at one point and would have hit if I hadn’t gotten it straight. It _was_ dark. I WILL add lights to the bike, to try to give it some size and shape instead of just being a single point of light. (Jan 6th: I have also adjusted the headlights. They were too low, much better now… I don’t know if that contributed to the near miss.)

More details later.  Google Map updated

SNOW. Looking up the road from where I got blocked on E10
More snow. Blocked on E11. Bike facing downhill here.
Hoar Frost. At the E11A E11B junction (walked a little to get there).
Modern logging equipment. Fence-post cutter IMHO.
Road building gear.

I have these as BIG panoramas, unfortunately wordpress doesn’t seem to want to show anything but the scaled down images.

Scene one, beautiful sunset

and, shot from the same location, looking in the same direction:

same scene, different zoom and exposure
Frost in the valley crossing Loss Creek.