GoPro and accidental timelapse videos

I recently got a used GoPro 7 black, and it works quite well, except that it occassionally shifts into time-lapse mode and I get hundreds of jpegs instead of my cool action video :(

I started looking for ways to disable timelapse, but didn’t have any luck.

The most obvious way to get the results I was getting is using the power/mode button. A long press is power on or power off, but a short press will toggle modes between video, time lapse, and single frame stills…

… except I would have sworn I just used the shutter button yesterday (“quick capture”), and I still got several time-lapse sequences.

So I dug into the manual today, and it turns out the bloody shutter button also has long press functionality. All my previous action cameras before needed a long press to power up, and the gopro does NOT give you an immediate beep. Anyhow, a long press puts it into (you guessed it), into timelapse mode instead of video mode.

Hey GoPro, if you’re going to put all these “cool” features into a what many folks are going to use as an action camera? … There should be a way to disable them. The damn camera is in a chin mount on a motorcycle helmet. I’ve got gloves on, anything that requires me to see the screen is just plain wrong, and anything that reduces the likely-hood of my getting the video I desire is NOT a feature. The cheap-ass clones I used all had this down pat. (And do a quick search, I’m FAR from the first person to have this issue.)

Anyhow, I think I’ll be ok now that I’m aware the shutter button has long-press functionality (don’t hold the shutter button down)!