Greasy fingers – DRZ crankcase – where stuff falls.

I did up some pix for someone on FB who had dropped his bike and cracked the clutch side cover with his brake lever… apparently knocking a chunk of metal out on the inside.

The question was where it had gone, and how to get it out.

I don’t have any magic answers, magnesium is about twice as heavy as motor oil (1.8 vs .8 specific density, it is possible it might be washed out with the oil… which begs the question of whether to try the normal crankcase drain, or pull the right side cover with the bike still full of oil and hope it washes out.

Enough text, what I wanted was a place to put the pix I did.

In case it isn’t clear, oil goes up through that strainer, through the first stage of the oil pump to the frame sump. Then down through the second stage/half of the pump, through the filter, and then out to the various engine bits.