Mt Wood, with Kory… and we found Josh and Roland

Good ride. Plan was to take Kory (new dual sport rider) out for an introduction to some “more difficult than mainline” terrain. He did well … very well. Once we crossed paths with Roland and Josh (from the North Van Isle ride) … well, the terrain got far more technical than “introduction” level :)

Not a lot more to add. Roland and Josh were supposed to ride with Wyatt (and Brent?) but that didn’t pan out, so they ended up entering the Mt Wood are from the Frayne Rd area. I mention that mostly to explain why we went by Wyatt’s place on the way home and spent more than a couple minutes drifting around Glen Lake on his powered “raft” (nice).

The route from the powerlines back to Oliphant looks like it was botched (my fault). The “new” GPSMAP 78 shows tracks and paths the same way (or seems to), so we followed what ended up as an ATV path… was a pretty nasty descent. One of those cases where I stalled the engine on purpose to use the clutch as a rear brake (so I could paddle with both feet) and then I promptly accidentally bump started the engine! Remember to use the kill switch!

Kory, come through a tight dip/ditch
Kory, come through a tight dip/ditch
Kory at the
Kory at the “top” of the powerlines… e.g. at the tower with the great Northward view. Josh in the background.

I think that covers it. Very fun to ride with Josh and Roland again. They showed me a pit up Sooke Lake road that I didn’t know about. Makes me wish I had the DRZ on the road (something I could jump… the KLR bounces and that is NOT good).