My (Google) Maps

I _like_ seeing my GPX tracks on top of current satellite imagery, and the simplest way I know to do that is with Google’s “My Maps”. Unfortunately, Google limits the number of layers (basically a GPX track) you can put on a single map. As such I’ve taken to versioning my maps so that I don’t have to delete old layers.

  1. I’ve done up a V4 map, but decided not to make it public. There is just too much info in it (March 2018).
  2. Map DRZ-v1. I’d better track the DRZ (small bike) rides separately. I need to do some more combining of tracks so I can keep more of the old (KLR) rides for reference.
  3. Map V3. I folded most of the old tracks into a single GPX file with multiple segments. This version shows pretty much everything I’ve ridden (mid 2016), but misses many of the notes on the earlier maps.
  4. Map V2.
  5. Map V1. First tracks, I probably deleted some of the notes I had on this before I figured out versioning.

Note: If you want the raw GPX files send me a note.

Note2: I should link to Don Hatton’s old blog (or is it Don Cameron’s?). It was an important inspiration for my riding and this site. While I’m doing links, don’t forget Karl’s Legion of Old Motors.